Dylan's Carrion Crown

Session 016

Into the Shutterwood

Gear up and buy food for a week in the forest.

We find a side path with ettercaps. Then an old watchtower with a horrible maggot thing. (weaver worm)

Find Etchmore Draven’s body., Noble who supported the palatanate. Invited to the Ascenore lodge. Run by Estovion Lozarov.

Draven’s inviation from Lozarov to come meet Cilas Graydon, Margrave of Sturnadae. Infamous for brutal.

Speak with dead : he wants his body taken to Graydon. He trusts Graydon, but doesn’t know Lozarov.

A few days later, just a day from the lodge, we encounter a body, it’s a dead werewolf, with a crossbow trap that shoots Olegg.

We reach the lodge and Alger insults everyone. Noble hunting party comes out. They’re going to go hunting werewolves. Durastan and Delgros.

Dire boars. dead. We’re going to try to capture a werewolf.

Trouble with the 5 tribes, we head back to the lodge.



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