Dylan's Carrion Crown

Session 013

Welcome to my humble abode...leave your coats with the tornado

The giant tornado starts sweeping everyone up into the air, but I manage to escape. As it takes them onto the bridge (prior to blowing them off to a long fall, I’d wager) I sneak back inside to see if there’s a switch to turn the tornado off.

There is a switch, but it doesn’t seem to do anything. There is also some sort of construct thing that is trying to slice me up. And now the tornado has come back. Somehow, the others managed to kill it from the inside and they spill out onto the floor. We quickly disassemble the construct and explore this first building.

It’s pretty nice! But no clothes fit me, and, even worse, there’s a whole library of books and some other papers. We settle down FOREVER so that the others can read all this.

In the morning, there is still no sign of the mob coming from town, so we push on over the next bridge. We enter a work room that’s been heavily damaged by an explosion. Rust monsters are skittering around in the rubble, and they almost eat Alger’s breastplate. But we scare them off and take a look at the rickety rope bridge across the chasm to the next building.

It’s not really that hard, but the rest of these guys are totally freaking out. I help out with my trusty magic rope, and while I’m doing so, I find a totally powerful trap that would have really hurt. But I’m far too good for that sort of thing to happen, and we’re soon across to the next landing.

I wonder what’s in this building?



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