Dylan's Carrion Crown

Session 012

Schloss Caromarc's gates

We see the mob of angry villagers set off towards Schloss Caromarc to get all vigilante-y on the Beast. Leaping into action, we go shopping for shiny things.

I get some shiny jewels so that I don’t have to carry all the coin I have, and I hope to go back to Ravengro someday and make a nice collar for Old River.

But for now, we ride out and get ahead of the Jerks of Lepidstadt, aka the People of Lepidstadt, and make our way to this crazy set of buildings set on cliffs over a river. There is a large gate with towers and some nasty-looking dogs and something big with a spyglass. The “smart ones” in our group decide to say hello.

The guards, who turn out to be nasty trolls and their dogs, respond by shooting a small, sharp tree at us. Luckily it missed me. Unluckily, it missed Thorg, as I kind of wanted to see what would happen.

But it must have upset Thorg as he just tore into those troll dogs, turning them into mush in no time. After that, we just had to scurry and climb up the towers and trap the trolls in the courtyard. Thanks to Belor’s fireball and Olegg’s spiritual weapon we finished them off easily, but then had to deal with one of those nasty flesh golem dogs.

We planned well and this time managed to keep the thing from completely mauling Alger.

Next we crossed the first bridge over the river. They talk me into ringing the doorbell, but no one answers. Instead, I open the door to a huge tornado! I’m sure this wouldn’t have happened if they hadn’t made me ring the bell.



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