Dylan's Carrion Crown

Session 011

Vorstag and Grine, and saving the Beast


The thunderstone went off and it had the expected result of attracting attention from the factory workers. Grine came to investigate as well, and we jumped out and grabbed the little bastard and tried our best to bundle him up.

This worked, but in the meantime, Vorstag showed up at the front door and he turned out to be a total pain in the ass. We were up in the loft area struggling to tie up Grine while this guy was all hulking and deformed and throwing horrible liquids at us from down in the courtyard.

Our new guy, Wodehouse, decides to jump down there, which turns out to be a bad idea as he gets all mauled and burned and stuff. So we all have to jump down there to fight, and it’s only just in time that we subdue the guy.

We briefly interrogate the two wrong-doers, but decide it’s best to handle this in a safer place, so we head back to the jail. Big mistake.

While we learn that Vorstag and Grine (mainly Vorstag) were responsible for all the attacks (Vorstag even has a swamp caiman scar and I think I can even smell swamp billy on him), it’s not so easy to clear the Beast. Turns out the townspeople are totally nuts and want to burn the Beast, us, and even the stupid town officials in the jail, who’ve done nothing wrong except be completely useless to us in our efforts. So we have to fight off the townspeople, and I think Belor and Thorg manage to kill a couple. So much for improving the reputation for half-orcs.

Anyway, we survive to get to the trial, and things go pretty well. I mean, we’ve got the folks who did it admitting to the whole things, so it really was kind of smooth. Sure enough, the judges came back with an innocent verdict. The judges are a credit to Lepidstadt.

Unfortunately, the people of Lepidstadt are not, and they’re still being total dicks. We get our reward from the Judge and she asks us to do some more work. I’m happy to agree to get away from these townspeople. But oh, apparently some are out hunting the Beast as vigilantes.

It seems the Beast is off to Schlos Caromac and we’ve got to go save it, otherwise all this work will have been for nothing!



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