Carrion Crown

We’re supposed to stay in Ravengro for a month to take care of Kendra Lorrimor. Then we have to take her dad’s books to Lepidstadt

But before we can do that, many signs are pointing us to a nefarious cult that is stirring up the restless dead at Harrowstone.

The Whispering Way has stolen the ghost of the Warden, and now his wife’s ghost, Vesorianna, needs our help to defeat the evil spirits. We must defeat the five famous criminals and find the Warden’s badge of office.


Now it’s on to Lepidstadt, where the town is in an uproar over the famous Beast of Lepidstadt. Questioning reveals that the Beast might be innocent, and we endeavor to uncover the truth, defeat some associated evil, save the Beast from a lynching, and perhaps find out what that Whispering Way cult was up to back in Ravengro.

Well, it wasn’t pretty: there were manticores and “Swamp Billy” and lots of other unpleasantness, but we found evidence to clear the Beast of charges. The biggest problem was the bad attitude of the people of Lepidstadt, who came close to rioting several times.

We’re still unclear on this Seasage Effigy, however, and need to figure out it’s purpose.

But first it’s off to Schloss Caromarc, as the Beast has retreated there and now we have to save him from a mob of those people with the bad attitudes I was mentioning earlier.

Ringing the doorbell should be a good idea, right?

It was not a good idea, and Schloss Caromarc seems to be a pretty deadly manor house. We make our way across the various bridges and through several buildings. The first is a residence, the second a destroyed lab, the third some sort of specimen museum and the fourth a series of joined towers which are flooded.

Dylan's Carrion Crown

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