Dylan's Carrion Crown

Session 017
Askenore Lodge

Run away from the werewolves and need to find something out about the wolf pack lord throne thingy.

Bellick the halfling kisses ass for being a jerk and offers cofee. We go in, and the place is really nice, except for all the dead animals. He takes us to the second floor, then the left tower. Then a library. Nooooo!

We meet Estovian Lozarov and he apologizes for Bellick being a dick earlier. He says we can use the library. Then we go to our rooms.,

Then we meet Cilas Graydon, who thanks us for bringing the body, and he gives us 2k reward. Then we go to dinner, and I snoop on some people. We’re trying to find out about the werewolves, and the Princes Wolves sound the best.

Then we sleep, and in the morning Belor goes to the library. Olegg goes to visit the whore and pumps her for information. Alger goes to question Bellick and is a jerk. Bellick doesn’t know anything…we think.

So, we don’t learn anything. In the morning, the lodge is in an uproar. We dispatch it, but Thorg is poisoned.

Then we try to find where it came from: the ranger’s menagerie. We find a trail of rat’s blood, and then clues point to the groundskeeper. Alger interrogates him horribly and he says “The Boss”.

Cilas Graydon is still our friend.

Session 016
Into the Shutterwood

Gear up and buy food for a week in the forest.

We find a side path with ettercaps. Then an old watchtower with a horrible maggot thing. (weaver worm)

Find Etchmore Draven’s body., Noble who supported the palatanate. Invited to the Ascenore lodge. Run by Estovion Lozarov.

Draven’s inviation from Lozarov to come meet Cilas Graydon, Margrave of Sturnadae. Infamous for brutal.

Speak with dead : he wants his body taken to Graydon. He trusts Graydon, but doesn’t know Lozarov.

A few days later, just a day from the lodge, we encounter a body, it’s a dead werewolf, with a crossbow trap that shoots Olegg.

We reach the lodge and Alger insults everyone. Noble hunting party comes out. They’re going to go hunting werewolves. Durastan and Delgros.

Dire boars. dead. We’re going to try to capture a werewolf.

Trouble with the 5 tribes, we head back to the lodge.

Session 015
Belor's back, and to the main tower

neat plan to defeat the basilisk
next tower has girllalon vargouilles
Then fungus
Then dark waters with a black pudding

Enter the main tower, girallon construckt
Then a fireball to kill a homonculous…ring of invisibility
then a horrible tentacled/spider/ape thing

The top of the tower there is a strange device which controls the beast.
Big fight

Shudderwood, Askenar lodge, whispering way is heading there with the seasage effigy

Session 014
Mummy and Statue

We crossed the deadly bridge to the third structure over the river: some sort of museum of dead things in jars. We’re barely poking through the place before some horrible thing shows up being guided along by some smaller, horrible things.


Belor and Alger call the big one a faceless flesh golem, but then get into an argument about whether the small ones are homunculi or homunculuseses, or something. At least they fight while they talk.
Thorg cuts up the homuns pretty well and distracts the golem’s fists for us.

Belor apparently loses the argument and gets upset and calls forth a ton of wasps to sting and poison everyone. Seriously, if you’d weighed them all, it’d be a ton. It was a lot of wasps.

This provides just enough cover for the mummy(!) to sneak up on us and give Alger a horrible curse disease. It’s called “mummy rot” (according to Olegg) and it’s pretty nasty. We try to make some jokes about Alger “giving us the finger”, but it’s not very funny, because…well, yeah.

The mummy is dispatched by Belor’s flaming sphere, which he then uses to get rid of all those wasps he set upon us. Burnt wasp smell is not good.

Alger says he’s fine to push on, so we do so and wouldn’t you know it! I’m attacked by ANOTHER object. It was bad enough what the iron maiden did back then, right before the Professor….oh, I don’t want to think about that.

This thing, though, is apparently called a mimic, which is able to make itself look like anything but also be really sticky. It was not pleasant. To solve the problem, Belor threatens to kill the thing as we kill it. Note to self: don’t try to drag out a negotiation with Belor.

Anyway, those were the major threats of this building, but I search the rest of it, fearful that I’ll find books or something else these guys will want to read and discuss. Luckily we only find a bunch of creepy dead things in jars, including some really strange stuffed animals and beasties. In the lower level we find a bunch of boxes and some odd, ominous jars, but none of it is useful.

We follow the stone path out of this building up to the four joined towers. There’s only a single door, and it’s all rusted iron. We have to break it open, and a bunch of water pours out.

Stepping in, we see the water is deep. (And it’s very strange, because even though we sense it to be “about 3 feet deep”, it turns out it’s over my head even though I’m 3’5" tall. The gods must be crazy.)
So, I have to ride on Thorg’s shoulders, and Belor pulls out this huge 10’ pole to test the ground in front of us. Where the Nine Hells has he been keeping that thing? Wizards. Anyway, he pokes the ground just long enough to find the place that holds all the millions and millions of leeches and stir them up.

Yeah, we ran away from those things, back out to dry land. They were small, underwater, and there were millions and millions. We waited for them to retreat to their hole and then sloshed on in the other direction.

We come to a door, and we get it open, but it’s a deep pool with the cat-walk scaffolding that we’d need to reach the doors above us lying at the bottom. But there’s also some sort of creature in here! Thorg is starting to shout about almost being turned to stone after seeming some glowing eyes, so what do we do? We all start trying to see the glowing eyes for ourselves!

We all fail, but then Belor says “Wait, I think I s…” but then that was it. He just turned to stone! Aw, man, that’s not good. I’ve gotta think, though, that there is magic that can fix that. But Belor is the best with the magic, and his backpack is now made of stone, so even if he did have a scroll or something, we can’t get to it.

We close the doors to shut out the creature, and then (with help from Olegg’s ant-magic) we drag Belor’s squinting statue down to the museum to have a rest. We’ll have to decide what to do next after we learn weather or not Alger survives until morning.

Session 013
Welcome to my humble abode...leave your coats with the tornado

The giant tornado starts sweeping everyone up into the air, but I manage to escape. As it takes them onto the bridge (prior to blowing them off to a long fall, I’d wager) I sneak back inside to see if there’s a switch to turn the tornado off.

There is a switch, but it doesn’t seem to do anything. There is also some sort of construct thing that is trying to slice me up. And now the tornado has come back. Somehow, the others managed to kill it from the inside and they spill out onto the floor. We quickly disassemble the construct and explore this first building.

It’s pretty nice! But no clothes fit me, and, even worse, there’s a whole library of books and some other papers. We settle down FOREVER so that the others can read all this.

In the morning, there is still no sign of the mob coming from town, so we push on over the next bridge. We enter a work room that’s been heavily damaged by an explosion. Rust monsters are skittering around in the rubble, and they almost eat Alger’s breastplate. But we scare them off and take a look at the rickety rope bridge across the chasm to the next building.

It’s not really that hard, but the rest of these guys are totally freaking out. I help out with my trusty magic rope, and while I’m doing so, I find a totally powerful trap that would have really hurt. But I’m far too good for that sort of thing to happen, and we’re soon across to the next landing.

I wonder what’s in this building?

Session 012
Schloss Caromarc's gates

We see the mob of angry villagers set off towards Schloss Caromarc to get all vigilante-y on the Beast. Leaping into action, we go shopping for shiny things.

I get some shiny jewels so that I don’t have to carry all the coin I have, and I hope to go back to Ravengro someday and make a nice collar for Old River.

But for now, we ride out and get ahead of the Jerks of Lepidstadt, aka the People of Lepidstadt, and make our way to this crazy set of buildings set on cliffs over a river. There is a large gate with towers and some nasty-looking dogs and something big with a spyglass. The “smart ones” in our group decide to say hello.

The guards, who turn out to be nasty trolls and their dogs, respond by shooting a small, sharp tree at us. Luckily it missed me. Unluckily, it missed Thorg, as I kind of wanted to see what would happen.

But it must have upset Thorg as he just tore into those troll dogs, turning them into mush in no time. After that, we just had to scurry and climb up the towers and trap the trolls in the courtyard. Thanks to Belor’s fireball and Olegg’s spiritual weapon we finished them off easily, but then had to deal with one of those nasty flesh golem dogs.

We planned well and this time managed to keep the thing from completely mauling Alger.

Next we crossed the first bridge over the river. They talk me into ringing the doorbell, but no one answers. Instead, I open the door to a huge tornado! I’m sure this wouldn’t have happened if they hadn’t made me ring the bell.

Session 011
Vorstag and Grine, and saving the Beast


The thunderstone went off and it had the expected result of attracting attention from the factory workers. Grine came to investigate as well, and we jumped out and grabbed the little bastard and tried our best to bundle him up.

This worked, but in the meantime, Vorstag showed up at the front door and he turned out to be a total pain in the ass. We were up in the loft area struggling to tie up Grine while this guy was all hulking and deformed and throwing horrible liquids at us from down in the courtyard.

Our new guy, Wodehouse, decides to jump down there, which turns out to be a bad idea as he gets all mauled and burned and stuff. So we all have to jump down there to fight, and it’s only just in time that we subdue the guy.

We briefly interrogate the two wrong-doers, but decide it’s best to handle this in a safer place, so we head back to the jail. Big mistake.

While we learn that Vorstag and Grine (mainly Vorstag) were responsible for all the attacks (Vorstag even has a swamp caiman scar and I think I can even smell swamp billy on him), it’s not so easy to clear the Beast. Turns out the townspeople are totally nuts and want to burn the Beast, us, and even the stupid town officials in the jail, who’ve done nothing wrong except be completely useless to us in our efforts. So we have to fight off the townspeople, and I think Belor and Thorg manage to kill a couple. So much for improving the reputation for half-orcs.

Anyway, we survive to get to the trial, and things go pretty well. I mean, we’ve got the folks who did it admitting to the whole things, so it really was kind of smooth. Sure enough, the judges came back with an innocent verdict. The judges are a credit to Lepidstadt.

Unfortunately, the people of Lepidstadt are not, and they’re still being total dicks. We get our reward from the Judge and she asks us to do some more work. I’m happy to agree to get away from these townspeople. But oh, apparently some are out hunting the Beast as vigilantes.

It seems the Beast is off to Schlos Caromac and we’ve got to go save it, otherwise all this work will have been for nothing!

Session 010
End of the Trial

We head off to follow-up on all the alchemical clues: Vorstag and Grine Cymic Works. Karl doesn’t know anything, but Olegg knows where it is in southwest Lepidstadt.

We go, and oh, it’s the place with the horrible, belching chimney. Alger recruits Golarion’s Most Disgusting Prostitute to give us information about the place: only three people are ever seen coming and going. There don’t appear to be any workers even though the smokestack belches filth all the time.

We take a look at the entrance. A large oaken gate protects a walled courtyard. I use my magic rope to climb the gate and unbar it for the others. Then I sneak around the courtyard to see what’s up.

The small shed appears to be a dog house for a guard dog, and I hear the dog beginning to growl. I sneak back to the others and suggest we make it go to sleep, or quiet it, somehow. Of course, being a bunch of cruel animal murderers, they (especially Thorg) want to go kill it! Thorg stalks off without listening to me, and Olegg desperately casts silence on him.

With knives drawn, Thorg marches silently up to the dog. It’s a horrible dog! It’s not even a dog! Oh, gods! What is that thing!? It’s really mauling Thorg!

We all run into the eerie silence to attack the thing that is really just parts of other dogs, and it is not fun. Alger distracts the not-dog from Thorg. This was a poor choice. Alger is crushed by the thing and I’m sure he’s dead. Olegg saves everyone from dying, and now we’re just trying to get through its hide and hurt it. Olegg tricks it onto his shield for a second and I put it down with my shortsword in the back. We start to hear ourselves breathing hard as the silence lifts.

I investigate again, and we want to avoid some of the main doors, and instead enter through the loading dock up above. So, I climb up there and scout.

I find a bunch of crates, and then peek out to see the large factory floor. The others come up, and we raid some crates for stuff. Then I go check out the rooms off the upper catwalk area, and find who we think is Grine in his room. He doesn’t notice me. The other room up here is likely Vorstag’s room, but it’s empty.

Down below, there are mongrelmen tending to these huge vats of who-knows-what, and it stinks. We don’t want to fight the poor mongrelmen, but we want to confront Grine. We decide to toss a thunderstone down to the floor below, and then grab Grine as he passes by our hiding space to investigate.

I gently toss the thing down to the factory floor below, and leap back behind our door.


Session 009
Herstag, Trial day 2, and the Sanctuary

We face off against Father Swarm and a tough battle ensues. But with Alger chasing the creature through the corn like a maniac, we run him to ground and destroy him.

Then it’s a matter of clues to prove the Beast innocent. First there is the issue of the wraithy-ness of the children. That could only be done by a wraith, not whatever it is the Beast is.
Then there are the bones, and Olegg brings some back to use magic to talk to them, and to give them a proper burial.

At the Trial, things seem to go better for Olegg, and I even say a few words. But the people are kind of worked up, and Alger has to have some stern words with the captain of the guard because the Beast might just be lynched before the night is over.

But we’ve got to go off to the Sanctuary and find out how the Beast is being blamed for the fire there.

We interrogate a former servant there, and he says he saw the Beast in the fire and just assumed that the Beast started it.

We then investigate the Sancturary and ambush some ghasts that had infested the place. Once done with them, we find a bunch of skulls and some more information pointing to a chemist.

Now we have to run back to Lepidstadt to find out about this chemist person (or persons). And get ready for the final day of the Trial. And he inevitable lynching.

Session 008
More on the Beast

We arrive in the courthouse to find a throng of people getting all worked up about the Beast.

We should have countered the arguments successfully, but Olegg got all choked up. I hope he does better.

We catch a few winks but then have to head out to the next town, Hergstag. This is an abandoned village, except for the creepy-kid-wraith spawn all about. There are also bear traps, but once Thorg finds one, I’m able to spot the rest.

Belor manages to control one of the wraith spawn, and it tells us that the real trouble is a big wraith called Father Swarm. It seems that the Beast couldn’t have killed these children if they all became wraiths.

So, we go looking for Father Wraith. The good news is that we find him. The bad news is that he’s coming right for us!


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