Dylan's Carrion Crown

Session 007
There, there, Grave Billy

Ravengro is all abuzz over happenings, and there’s somebody caught for the bloody markings on the memorial and the cat-killings. Apparently we met the guy before, but I don’t think so.

Anyway, we get the Professor buried and meet the guy who caught the murder: some inquisitor named, Alger Wodeward, which is apparently Taldan for “Don’t even think about it.” This guy went ahead to Lepidstadt. Or something, I wasn’t really paying attention.

Now, I’ve never really liked inquisitors.

Later in the day, we sell all the treasure we found at Harrowstone and, boy, I’ve never been more rich. We then go shopping, and now I’m about as rich as I was before, but I have much nicer stuff.

Belor and Olegg go on-and-on about books and the Whispering Way and all this stuff, but I think the important bit is that we have to take Kendra to Lepidstadt . My supposition is proved correct as we soon leave to Lepidstadt.

The trip is uneventful, except that we get accosted by some soldiers from Vieland. Olegg tries to talk our way past, but it’s up to me to pony up some gold. Also, the next night we run into a troop of freaks known as the Crooked Kin, and they’re in an uproar over their lost small-headed twin sister freak. We track the poor girl into a swamp and are attacked by a terrible spider that keeps appearing and disappearing. Belor makes me levitate off the ground, which is nice, and the others beat the thing to death. Butterknives finally found something without armor and/or tough skin, and was actually quite impressive.

Arriving in Lepidstadt, we take the strange book over to Professor Crowl, who is in an uproar because the Beast of Lepidstadt rampaged up in his library and took something called the Sea Sage Effigy. The Beast was captured, but it is unclear what the creature’s motive was. Anyway, there’s going to be a trial.

Next we go to Judge Daramid’s place, where Kendra is dropped off. The Judge wants us to take up the case of the Beast, as she believes it is innocent. She encourages us to go get deputized by Barrister Gustav Kapel, but to leave her out of it. What to step up, Judge.

We go to see Gustav, who is a stuttering goofball. But he gives us the details of the charges. The Beast is charged with:
1) Murdering 10 people in Morast a year ago,
2) Killing 6 children in Hegleschlakt (or whaterver) 7 months ago, and
3) Destroying the Sanctuary on Carb Isle 4 months ago

We also get to meet the incarcerated Beast, who, frankly, isn’t very helpful.

We decide to go to the swamp of Morast, where we find some yokels and a manticore (band name! dibs). The locals say the Beast was taken by some sort of gator, but the Beast we talked with didn’t have any such marks on him.

We also find some evidence of an alchemist, and that someone has been dining on some dead people, whom the locals referred to, collectively, as “grave billy”. Gross.

So we hustle back to town for the first day of the Trial.

Session 006
The Professor Goes Quiet

The horrible thing coming down the corridor is a nasty burning skeleton with a large ax. While the others begin to engage, I shout out options on which of the criminals it might be. I think it could be either the choppy one, the ax-y one or the one who cuts people open. Well, at least I’m sure it’s not the one who sings or the preachy one.

Anyway, the main thing is to kill it before it kills us and to avoid what promises to be its explosive death throes. These conflicting desires result in an uncoordinated attack. Olegg doesn’t help much by being cut down “Burny” as I’ve started to call him. But eventually we prevail, singed with victory.

We see that there are several hallways to explore, one of which is blocked by a portcullis, which I bet is the one we absolutely need to go down, but no one puts any money on it.

So we look to the other corridors and another horrible creature with an ax appears and now we think this is the Lopper. The Professor seems pretty sure, and I don’t want to encourage him to talk about it any more. But his does anyway.
Fortunately, he uses his crazy, screaming voice that I can’t understand. This is incredibly effective. Combined with Olegg’s glowy, spiritual dagger of Pharasma, the Lopper is defeated.

Next we find a room with several skulls on a table and everybody starts getting these awful headaches. We start smashing the skulls and even Butter Knives can help. Belor, however, keeps shooting rays around like a blind something that throws something else, but that can’t hit anything. Like, a, um, blind goblin skirmisher with rickets? Whatever, I suppose it keeps him happy between when he kills things with his ax. Regardless, these mashed skulls spell the end of the Mosswood Maurader, and the headaches cease.

After that, we enter a torture chamber where I’m forced by evil spirits to go inside an iron maiden, and nobody helps me out! That was totally rude, and I would still be angry if they hadn’t discovered the body of the dead Warden. While his body isn’t that useful, his badge is, and we need to get that back to V.

I also find a secret door, which will lead us behind the portcullis, but the hallway has something squishy and awful in the way, and I notify the others by running away in terror.

So, I was right about the portcullis: we can’t get to the final bad guy! We go and ask V for help, but she says we must push on. I agree, despite everyone else complaining about being tired. I cajole the party into continuing, showing leadership.

We decide to break through the portcullis. Butter Knives bends some bars and even that hulk Belor can squeeze through to the chamber beyond. The main feature is a watery hole where the Splatter Man undoubtedly is hiding. But we have our hands full because we need to wipe off these horrible bloody letters on the walls. Seriously, they had to go!

While we’re doing this important task, the Professor goes and jumps into the water! That’s just crazy, but that’s how he gets when the screaming guy takes over. Anyway, when we finish up with the letters, the rest of us join in around the watery hole.

Let me tell you, that was not pleasant. The Splatter Man has summoned some ants to block us at the top, and its just the Professor and then me and Olegg, too, down in the water. “Harder than fighting a ghost underwater” ought to be a saying for things that are difficult and scary.

But it looks like we’re making progress until the Splatter Man reaches out and just snuffs out the Professor. Just like that. I wanted to scream something to help, but I couldn’t because I was underwater.

I’m not sure what happened after that. Olegg and the others did something to knock out the Splatter Man, but I didn’t help. All I could think about was the Professor dying. There was a brief little moment as it happened, a tiny second. I saw the shiny, screamy part of him, that thing that showed up when he was scared or angry, and that likely made him jump in the water. It sort of pulled away from him and floated up, disappearing. It was angry, but not otherwise distressed.
But then the Professor’s face seemed to come back to normal: that normal guy who liked his books, and talked too much, and was really silly around Kendra. That guy was back for a final moment. And he was confused, and then scared, and then he was dead.

There was a lot of stuff that happened after that: Vesoriana was able to use the badge to purge the evil from Harrowstone; the town discovered that the jerk who accosted us at the graveyard was doing the bloody writing on the monument…the “village is saved” sort of stuff. Some powerful dude showed up to make things right here while we were in Harrowstone.

I just wanted to rest. People keep telling me that they keep telling me that my memory is terrible. I hope they’re right, but I wanted a better opinion. So I went to go see Old River and tell him how the Professor had died. He was sad with me, but he convinced me that I’d feel better in the morning. I believe him, and I’m sure some sleep will do me good.

But I still wish I hadn’t seen that happen.

Session 005
The Professor and his hand

So, we’ve found the body of Father Charlatan, not the Piper, and that scary music keeps going and going, so coming in this cell wasn’t the solution. Meanwhile Olegg is screaming about a giant stirge behind us.

The Professor takes the late Father’s holy symbols, mumbling something about how they’ll later be used as a weapon against the blah, blah, blah.

Everyone then hustles back to help the hysterical Olegg with his giant stirge problem. To be fair, the thing is massive and has a nose-sucker the size of a Jungle Elf’s blow gun. (Sorry, “Tropical Rain Forest Elf”.)
Butter Knives and Belor the Axamancer get there and Olegg is no longer screaming and is instead wiping stirge-blood from his face.

I scurry down the last corridor looking for the Piper, but all I find is more of that terrible music. It’s so sad, and well-played, but it makes me think of dying and now I want to cry. We decide it’s coming from the dining hall, but we can’t see anything in there, even though we’re using divine magic.

Olegg and the Professor decide to flood the place with positive energy, and that seems to work! The music stops!

But now those two seem all drained and tired and want to go lay down in the Warden’s office. I’m ok with this, but we decide to stop off and speak with his wife’s ghost first, letting her know that we’ve gotten the Piper.

Oddly, V won’t let us into her seamstress room, saying that we’ve got “a spirit with us”. The Professor scans us all with his magical undead detection, but finds nothing. He turns the beam on himself and finds a creepy ghost hiding behind him with a hand on his shoulder! It’s Father Charlatan. I let out a high pitched scream. Of warning.

While the Professor is surmising that his taking of the holy symbols was the likely proximate cause of the blah, blah, blah, the rest of us are trying to figure out how we’re going keep the poor kid isolated while also being able to kill him when he is inevitably possessed and turns to evil.

But the Professor gets an idea, and he takes Belor outside, the rest of us following, confused. The Professor stretches out his arm and asks the half-orc to chop of his hand! What the Nine Hells? The Professor is babbling something about how this will scare the ghost of Father Charlatan which is still creepily clinging to his back.
Belor shrugs and raises his axe.
The Professor begins a countdown.
But either his plan or his nerve has failed, and he withdraws his arm. Belor lowers his axe (did I detect a bit of disappointment?) and we decide instead to go to sleep.

We guard the haunted Professor, with me and Butter Knives ready to stab him again and again should something go wrong. But the night passes uneventfully. Olegg helps me get over the lack of sleep with his wand of wakey-wakey.

We all wake feeling much better (like, 50% better than ever), and the Professor uses his newly found strength to flood the area again and again with positive energy. The ghost of Father Charlatan is destroyed.

With this, we decide to go clear the balcony of the executioner (defeating the undead scythe) and then head down to the pit which leads to the lower level. This is not going to be fun.

Olegg lowers himself down and, once he reaches the water at the bottom, is immediately set upon by some ectoplasmic creatures. We dispatch these quickly, and Belor and Thorg climb down after. The Professor is a bit squeamish about the climb, so I push him over the edge to prove that the water will break his fall. I’m mostly right, but he doesn’t even thank me for helping to overcome his fear.

Once I’m down, we follow a passage into a large room. There’s no way I’m going in first, and I hide behind the others. They begin exploring and there are a number of side-tunnels, and from one of these, something horrible is approaching.

Session 004
The Warden's Wife and a Little Ghost Music

We wake up exhausted in Ravengro this morning, tired from dragging back the entire contents of Harrowstone.

Belor takes his drawings of the mystical inscriptions we found on the base of Ravengro over to that crazy wizard Alendru Gorovan, hoping to use the library. He reads and researches and researches and reads and muses and talks and thinks, and guess what? He learns that the inscriptions seems to be necromantic and attuned to the old warden. In other words, NOTHING WE DIDN’T ALREADY KNOW!
Luckily, I was with Old River and didn’t have to see that happen.

Later, I returned to Kendra’s house to check on the Professor and Olegg, who have spent the day sorting all the documents we found in the prison in hopes of coming up with a clearer version of events leading up to the fire. The Professor’s hopes of understanding the mind of the warden, or finding out about strange occurrences or changes of behavior among the prisoners or guards is fruitless, and we learn NOTHING THAT WE DIDN’T ALREADY KNOW!

When will these people learn that books without stories in them are essentially worthless?

During the day, we find out that monument has been desecrated again, this time with the letter “O” being added, so now it spells “VESO”. We think this is a good sign that the Splatterman is spelling out “Vesorianna” the wife of the warden (and we didn’t need any books to tell us so).
The sheriff decides to put some guards in place in the evening and I volunteer to keep watch with them.

But first we have dinner, where the Professor gives Kendra those old hair-clips we found in the prison, making her cry. What a jerk. Giving her some old garbage from the prison where her father was murdered. No wonder she left the room in a hurry.

Shaking my head in disbelief, I go to join the guards who are “hiding” by the monument to catch whoever is doing the bloody spelling of the name. Except that we had a carnival elephant that made less noise than these two, even that time when it got spooked and charged over the cliff with poor Erich on top and that idiot Feghen tangled up in the lead line. That was really, really loud, and so were these two. We see nothing and I drag my tired bones back to the house.

Olegg gives me a boost from his magic wand of restoration and I feel, well, restored. So we head off to Harrowstone to get on with it already. (First we pick up a scroll of knock in case I’m not able to open the vault door.)

I’m able to open the vault door. and we gather up the evil belongings of the horrible criminals and the Professor explains how these might be useful against the restless spirits, but fails to explain how, exactly. They give me the flute and I test its weight so I can bash the ghost of the Piper of Illmarsh with it. I don’t think this is a good plan.

We explore north from the main entrance and quickly find the old infirmary where a poltergeist rises up and starts making everything in the room shake and tremble, especially Belor and the Professor who run screaming back down the hall. Even worse, the poltergeist picks ME up and THROWS me at Olegg! I crash into his shield and fall to the floor, groaning. Thorg, Olegg and I get our act together and put the thing down before it can smash everything in the room, which means we find some medicine.

Working the western side of the ground floor, we find several toilets and the laundry room. I don’t want to go into the laundry room, as I don’t think anything good has ever happened in a prison laundry room. But I do it anyway and we’re attacked by an old straight jacket! I wish I could say that the Professor put up the good fight and defeated that straight jacket, but prison isn’t a fairy tale. He just babbled in the back while Thorg, Olegg and I sliced it to ribbons.

As the dust and shredded fabric settled, I noticed a secret door on the west wall. I opened it and the Professor hissed for me to stop. Afraid that he’d found something else to read, I ignored him and barged through, into the prison sewing room, where we found the ghost of Vesorianna, the warden’s wife.

She’s all blue and pretty and sad, and I feel very strange as I watch her trying to talk to us with the smoke curling up from her mouth. She thinks we’re new guards for the prison, and says that she’s been here since the fire, locked in this room by the old guards. For a long time she has sensed the presence of her husband down below, guarding the restless spirits of evil criminals. But recently a necromancer came with some whispering minions and drew all those symbols on the prison, and when they were done, the spirit of her husband went missing. (Also, the necromancer was the one who killed Professor Lorrimor.)

Now Vesorianna is all that keeps the spirits held in Harrowstone, but she’s weakening, as the Splatterman is writing her name on the monument, and when he’s done, she’ll be too weak to resist them, and all the spirits will be free to rampage across the countryside and no town hall will be safe from burning down in all of Ustalav.

Incredibly, our Professor PROMISES that we’ll find the spirit of her husband and free it! What a cruel thing to say when we have no idea where it is or how to free it. First Kendra and now this? What does he have against sad women? I’m going to have to keep an eye on him.

She finishes by saying that if we can find her husband’s badge of office and bring it to her, she would be able to clear the haunting of Harrowstone.

So, off we go, ready to clear the rest of the ground floor.

We find some crab spiders and kill them pretty quickly and then some manacles that jump up and try to tie up Thorg, but the Professor and Olegg fight defeat them.

With the ground floor cleared, we decide that we should clear the upper level before testing the basement.

In the first room, I ambush some stirges, and I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself until this flute music starts to play, and it’s really creepy. We dispatch the stirges and start to look for the Piper, but are interrupted by some more exploding skeletons. We do them in (although the Professor blows one up right by my face). I shout to the Piper that I have his flute, hoping to draw him out, but then the Professor yanks it right out of my hand.

Next he uses his magic to help locate the Piper, and points to a door on the south wall. Olegg make me and him invisible to undead, and we all start piling down the hall. Except Olegg who screams out that now there is a giant stirge behind us!

And, of course, the door at the south wall doesn’t hide the Piper…it has the body of Father Charlatan! Great!

Session 003
Meet the Haunt Magnet

So, we double check the names of the Five Famous Murderers and head off to Harrowstone.

This place is spooky, and I need help entering the outer gate, but that’s only because Olegg is used to this stuff, being a gravedigger.

There are a couple of towers guarding the yard, and a crumbling house that we guess might have once housed the warden and his wife. I search the house, and I only just get out before Thorg Redtusk knocks it down with his face or something.

Next we want to explore the towers, but there are tons of rats up there, and we don’t want to burn them out. I explain to Olegg that ferrets are a kind of rat and we wouldn’t burn Ada and Belo, but Olegg explains to me that ferrets aren’t really rats and then he and the Professor go on and on about it, talking about the shape of teeth and what not. I think Olegg wins the argument, but I’m too busy solving the problem to notice. I offer the rats a pile of the big-people’s food and tell them to eat the food instead of being killed by the big-people. A few of the rats are very rude about this, but it works.

We hurriedly search the two towers, which hold nothing. But in the second one, I feel this tap on my shoulder so I run out of there fast! I think it scared Ada, too, as there was a high-pitched scream as I was running away.

With the yard now secured, we make our way to the main building. It is all burnt and crumbly and has a foul lake on one side. Confronted by all this, my companions decide to READ SOME MORE!. There are all these runes on the outside walls of the prison that are 1) not old, 2) associated with necromancy, 3) making reference to the warden, and 4) apparently going to require another 18 years of study before they are useful. Boring!

We spend half the morning waiting for Olegg, the Professor and Belor to copy all the runes down. While we’re doing that, we discover the body of a gnome. This makes me sad, and I wonder who it was; what brought them here to die and lie un-buried and forgotten; what was their last meal? Great. Now I’m hungry, and I gave all the food to the rats! I check his pouch for some food, but there is only some money and a gem.

Thorg must be angry about this too as he shouts and throws a big rock into the foul lake. This was not smart.

A number of steaming, gross skeletons emerge from the water, and soon they’re attacking us and are covered in flames. Brother Olegg is badly burned! But the Professor saves Olegg and helps put down the threat. We all berate Thorg, but I don’t think he cares. Stubborn as a dire mule, that one.

Finally, we enter the prison. The place is definitely haunted and all the ghosts hate gnomes! Every room I enter has some horrible undead thing but when someone else goes first, it’s safe. Belor keeps giving me these things called “haunt siphons”, but they’re pretty useless.

The first corridor has a bunch of offices, and I try to keep everyone away, but it’s too late. The Professor, Olegg and Belor have seen the piles of paper and now they’re talking about carrying it all back to town to read it there! What is wrong with these people? Even worse, I’m not able to open the warden’s safe.

The next place we explore is some sort of lecture hall, and the bars around the stage creep me out, so I go out by the benches, only to be attacked by another gnome-hating spirit. Did a gnome start the fire that killed all these people? That must be it. Anyway, I let the casters deal with it. Thorg “helps” by attacking a door.

Anyway, we eventually find the furnace room, along with the pit that leads to the lower level. There is a sign next to the furnace…apparently the furnace has a name. That is not a good thing, I’m sure. Who does that?

Sure enough, it turns into some horrible undead monster, and I wisely flee the room. Frustrated by its inability to eat a gnome, the furnace horribly burns Olegg, but the Professor again saves the day. (For some reason Belor keeps shooting magical bolts at the ceiling and shouting curses. Wizards.)

We cover the pit with the benches and move on. We discover some sort of room filled with personal effects, some of which are kind of shiny. I then spot a very secret place that is filled with a few creepy items: a handaxe, a collection of holy symbols, a spellbook, a hammer and a flute.

We surmise that these have to do with the five famous criminals, so we leave them be. We lock all that back up, head back to town, get a cart, go back to Harrowstone, load up all the prison records, take those back to town (along with the safe), and the 3 librarians start arguing over how to sort all the paper.

Worst. Day. Ever.

I go to visit Old River, which cheers me up a bit. But now it’s getting dark and I want to get inside. Stupid Ustalav.

Session 002
Burnin' down the house!

After the zombie attacks of the night before, it was good to wake up to a normal sunrise.

While Thorg, Belor and the professor all stayed at home with kendra, Brother Olegg and I decided to get some things done.

First, we were going to re-inter the burnt remains of the zombie brothers and Professor Lorrimor. Then we were going to go talk to Father Grimborough to get the list of all the prisoners who died in the fire at Harrowstone.

On the way, we met Giles, a troubadour who said he’d be willing to sing our praises to the townspeople if we threw a few coins in his cup during his performance later in the day.

Next we met Jorfa the Smith at the Ravengro Forge. Many of her goods were very nice, but she certainly wasn’t. Brother Olegg bought some iron spikes to be polite.

Next we saw young Pevrin posting a notice from the Sheriff…there’s been another letter added to the memorial monument. It now reads “VE”. There must have been another animal killed. I hope it wasn’t a cat! Pervin, who is the son of that weird inn-keeper Zokar with the not-so-funny food, ran off like he didn’t want to talk to us. That was rude.

Anyway, we finally made it to the Restlands, and Olegg thought he saw someone off in the bushes, perhaps watching us. But I think he’s just jittery because we’re going into a graveyard. Strange that a gravedigger would feel that way, but, you know, humans. I tell him he’s crazy and we move on. We put the remains to rest and then we head to see Father Grimborough.

Boy! What a jerk! He totally accused us of raising those dead and said we’d be in big trouble if we weren’t careful and that he’d use Agon of Truth the next time we talked. I’m not sure what that means, because I was totally distracted by his ugly face. He slammed the door on us and we didn’t get the names of the prisoners.

We decide to try to use the records at Town Hall, and so we asked about the Town Council, which is made up of four people. All humans, I think. Typical.

Anyway, the four are Vasian Hearthmount, Merta Straylock, Shanda Ferrivan and Garrcan Murakar. We decide to ask Kendra about it.

On the way home, we go to drop some coins in on Giles, only to find that he’s being attacked by some stirges! They try to suck his blood and a small child’s blood, but I save everyone with some help from Old River.

Old River is a the dog who lives under the gazebo in the middle of town, and he’s pretty much the only decent person I’ve met here in Ravengro, besides maybe Kendra. Olegg heals him up and I got him some good food to help replace the blood that one stirge sucked out of him. Old River is the best!

The Sheriff arrives late and questions us about our heroics. I’m still waiting for him to say “thank you”, when the Apothacary Jominda Fallenbridge walks by and the Sheriff gets all googly about her. I think that if I can go over and get her to get sweet on the Sheriff, the Sheriff will be nicer to us. But Jominda turns out to be totally rude too! What is it with this town?!

We make it back to Kendra’s. By this time the Professor has finished his reading and is taking a break from mooning over Kendra, and he suggests we talk to Merta. As a former shopkeeper, she’s likely to be the most knowledgeable about the people in town.

She seems to be reasonable, and lets us use the Town Hall. Unfortunately, it turns out to be full of books. Boring! So I go shopping. The Silk Purse has some shiny stuff in it, but it’s pretty dull with the big lugs guarding everything, so I leave. Belor, Olegg and the Professor are buried in books, happier than bullettes in a sheep meadow, as they say. But I’m still bored, so I mope on the front steps for what feels like 800 days. When they’re finally done they come out arguing about the filing system and saying we have to come back tomorrow! I think I’ll sacrifice myself to some demon lord now…that’s got to be better than all this.

We go back the next day. And the next. I think again about the demon lord option, but I don’t know any demon lords, and the only place I could learn about them would be in books.
We’re starting our fifth day in this town and the only person who’s interesting is Old River! He’s feeling better now and is very nice to us, even the smelly half-orcs. Old River doesn’t need any stupid books and scrolls.

Anyway, the “scholars” managed to learn something about the prisoners who died in the fire at Harrowstone. Five of them were pretty bad. The locals have all given them fun and clever names, but as I learned more, it was less fun and clever. It was mainly creepy and scary, so I went to talk to Old River again. He has a fun and clever name that doesn’t involve death and blood.

The Professor thinks the stirge attack has something to do with one of the dead prisoners, the Player of Illmarsh or something. He tells this to Merta, and all of a sudden everybody in town is completely scared and upset. One minute I’m going to get some food for me and Old River, and the next thing you know there’s a Town Council meeting to be held at Town Hall that very evening and everyone in Town has to go.

Oh, I almost forgot: during the long, boring age that the others were doing research, I took a few minutes off one night to sneak down to the monument by the river to see the “VE”. Wouldn’t you know it, it was a cat that got killed this time!
On the way in and out of Kendra’s, I noticed that some folks are definitely watching the house and our movements. I let Olegg know that he’s got more to be afraid of than just graveyards, and that everyone should keep their eyes peeled.

Late in the afternoon, before the meeting, Olegg decides he needs to fess up to Father Grimborough about the stuff we took from the crypt. This is a stupid idea, but apparently one core to Olegg’s religious beliefs. Grimborough gets very upset when he learns that we have taken things he didn’t even know that he owned, and this also has to do with his religion. I want to say something rude, but it’s bad luck to mess with priests.

Thus, Grimborough shows up at the meeting madder than a dwarf after a good shave, as they say. He’s calling us all sorts of names, and making accusations that, while I’m not sure I fully understood, seemed pretty bad. But the Professor totally shuts him up with some smart words. It was awesome! Unfortunately, he then ruined it by talking even more and more. I think that made some people stomp out in anger, because you can only listen to so much of this stuff, as I well know.

Grimborough makes some vague threats, and as soon as he leaves all the nine Hells break loose! Suddenly the whole Hall is on fire, the doors are jammed shut! People are screaming and then the windows break and some flying, burning skulls come cackling into the place, which I’m pretty sure is never a good sign.

But I took charge to save the situation. The first thing I did was to put the Professor, Olegg and Thorg in charge. The skulls were soon gone, and Thorg had demonstrated that the door was in fact jammed shut. There were some ghostly hands holding it shut, so I shot them with one of the cool arrows we found.

Now that the doors were open, I let all the people out and got a bucket brigade moving. Olegg and Belor tried to help, but despite them we managed to save the Hall.

In the end, the Town Council was able to recognize that flying skulls setting your buildings on fire when you’re inside them is the kind of problem they need to fix. So, they’ve asked us to investigate Harrowstone and put the restive spirits to rest before anyone else gets hurt.

They’re going to pay us pretty well, and I’m pretty sure we won’t have to read anything for a while. I’m really excited about going! I’ve never seen a real ghost before, except for those hands. I’m sure it’ll turn out fine, and that I’ll be back talking with Old River again soon.

Session 001
Welcome to Ravengro!

We reached the village of Ravengro to attend the funeral of Professor Petros Lorrimor.

His daughter, Kendra Lorrimor welcomed us at the graveyard.

Some toughs who thought the late Lorrimor was a necromancer accosted us butthe skinny guy talked them out of doing anything stupid.

I didn’t help with the casket. I’m too short.

The skinny Professor talks for a really long time, and the two half-orcs both seemed upset, and the Pharasman got up and blubbered something. I told a great story.

Then we went to the house for the wake and to read the will! I’m going to get something awesome!

The guy who reads the will, “”/characters/vashian" class=“wiki-content-link”>Vashian" or something, seems rude.

There is an iron key. Lorrimor gave us a trunk of books. And we’ll get 100pp if we keep Kendra safe for a month.

We look through the books (finding a a journal) and then go to sleep instead of investigating rumors of a cache of ghost-fighting things and of trouble at the destroyed prison, Harrowstone.

Everyone finally wakes up, but by this time the smart half-orc is done reading, the dumb half-orc says the villagers are upset about something.

We go to the village statue honoring the prison guards (warden Hawkran and his wife Visoriana.) Sheriff Benjin Caeller questions us, but we manage not to get arrested.

We go to Father Valren? Grimborough to get the list of names of those who died in the fire. He won’t give it to us.

So we go to the graveyard and find the false tomb. There are some giant centipedes, but then we find the cache. It’s awesome!

[I take a sunrod and 2 haunt siphons. 1 potion of clw.
6 silver arrows
5 +1 arrows
4 +1 ghost touch
1 +1 undead bane]

After that we went to Harrowstone. Except that we didn’t! We had to stop so the Professor and the smart half-orc could read some more!

The dumb half-orc and I go to the Laughing Demon and hear some disturbing rumors about the proprietor and Harrowstone. (Namely, don’t eat here, and the executioner is still haunting the balcony of the prison.)

We go back for dinner with Kendra and are attacked by the dead Professor Lorrimer and some other undead! The (dead) Professor hits me hard! But the (alive) Professor heals me and then the smart half-orc puts down the (dead) Professor. The dumb half-orc is smashing things in the other room. Some channeled energy later, we’re all safe. The (alive) Professor heals me up some more so I’m not hurt anymore. Everything is fine!


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