Dylan's Carrion Crown

Session 017

Askenore Lodge

Run away from the werewolves and need to find something out about the wolf pack lord throne thingy.

Bellick the halfling kisses ass for being a jerk and offers cofee. We go in, and the place is really nice, except for all the dead animals. He takes us to the second floor, then the left tower. Then a library. Nooooo!

We meet Estovian Lozarov and he apologizes for Bellick being a dick earlier. He says we can use the library. Then we go to our rooms.,

Then we meet Cilas Graydon, who thanks us for bringing the body, and he gives us 2k reward. Then we go to dinner, and I snoop on some people. We’re trying to find out about the werewolves, and the Princes Wolves sound the best.

Then we sleep, and in the morning Belor goes to the library. Olegg goes to visit the whore and pumps her for information. Alger goes to question Bellick and is a jerk. Bellick doesn’t know anything…we think.

So, we don’t learn anything. In the morning, the lodge is in an uproar. We dispatch it, but Thorg is poisoned.

Then we try to find where it came from: the ranger’s menagerie. We find a trail of rat’s blood, and then clues point to the groundskeeper. Alger interrogates him horribly and he says “The Boss”.

Cilas Graydon is still our friend.



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