Dylan's Carrion Crown

Session 014

Mummy and Statue

We crossed the deadly bridge to the third structure over the river: some sort of museum of dead things in jars. We’re barely poking through the place before some horrible thing shows up being guided along by some smaller, horrible things.


Belor and Alger call the big one a faceless flesh golem, but then get into an argument about whether the small ones are homunculi or homunculuseses, or something. At least they fight while they talk.
Thorg cuts up the homuns pretty well and distracts the golem’s fists for us.

Belor apparently loses the argument and gets upset and calls forth a ton of wasps to sting and poison everyone. Seriously, if you’d weighed them all, it’d be a ton. It was a lot of wasps.

This provides just enough cover for the mummy(!) to sneak up on us and give Alger a horrible curse disease. It’s called “mummy rot” (according to Olegg) and it’s pretty nasty. We try to make some jokes about Alger “giving us the finger”, but it’s not very funny, because…well, yeah.

The mummy is dispatched by Belor’s flaming sphere, which he then uses to get rid of all those wasps he set upon us. Burnt wasp smell is not good.

Alger says he’s fine to push on, so we do so and wouldn’t you know it! I’m attacked by ANOTHER object. It was bad enough what the iron maiden did back then, right before the Professor….oh, I don’t want to think about that.

This thing, though, is apparently called a mimic, which is able to make itself look like anything but also be really sticky. It was not pleasant. To solve the problem, Belor threatens to kill the thing as we kill it. Note to self: don’t try to drag out a negotiation with Belor.

Anyway, those were the major threats of this building, but I search the rest of it, fearful that I’ll find books or something else these guys will want to read and discuss. Luckily we only find a bunch of creepy dead things in jars, including some really strange stuffed animals and beasties. In the lower level we find a bunch of boxes and some odd, ominous jars, but none of it is useful.

We follow the stone path out of this building up to the four joined towers. There’s only a single door, and it’s all rusted iron. We have to break it open, and a bunch of water pours out.

Stepping in, we see the water is deep. (And it’s very strange, because even though we sense it to be “about 3 feet deep”, it turns out it’s over my head even though I’m 3’5" tall. The gods must be crazy.)
So, I have to ride on Thorg’s shoulders, and Belor pulls out this huge 10’ pole to test the ground in front of us. Where the Nine Hells has he been keeping that thing? Wizards. Anyway, he pokes the ground just long enough to find the place that holds all the millions and millions of leeches and stir them up.

Yeah, we ran away from those things, back out to dry land. They were small, underwater, and there were millions and millions. We waited for them to retreat to their hole and then sloshed on in the other direction.

We come to a door, and we get it open, but it’s a deep pool with the cat-walk scaffolding that we’d need to reach the doors above us lying at the bottom. But there’s also some sort of creature in here! Thorg is starting to shout about almost being turned to stone after seeming some glowing eyes, so what do we do? We all start trying to see the glowing eyes for ourselves!

We all fail, but then Belor says “Wait, I think I s…” but then that was it. He just turned to stone! Aw, man, that’s not good. I’ve gotta think, though, that there is magic that can fix that. But Belor is the best with the magic, and his backpack is now made of stone, so even if he did have a scroll or something, we can’t get to it.

We close the doors to shut out the creature, and then (with help from Olegg’s ant-magic) we drag Belor’s squinting statue down to the museum to have a rest. We’ll have to decide what to do next after we learn weather or not Alger survives until morning.



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