Dylan's Carrion Crown

Session 010

End of the Trial

We head off to follow-up on all the alchemical clues: Vorstag and Grine Cymic Works. Karl doesn’t know anything, but Olegg knows where it is in southwest Lepidstadt.

We go, and oh, it’s the place with the horrible, belching chimney. Alger recruits Golarion’s Most Disgusting Prostitute to give us information about the place: only three people are ever seen coming and going. There don’t appear to be any workers even though the smokestack belches filth all the time.

We take a look at the entrance. A large oaken gate protects a walled courtyard. I use my magic rope to climb the gate and unbar it for the others. Then I sneak around the courtyard to see what’s up.

The small shed appears to be a dog house for a guard dog, and I hear the dog beginning to growl. I sneak back to the others and suggest we make it go to sleep, or quiet it, somehow. Of course, being a bunch of cruel animal murderers, they (especially Thorg) want to go kill it! Thorg stalks off without listening to me, and Olegg desperately casts silence on him.

With knives drawn, Thorg marches silently up to the dog. It’s a horrible dog! It’s not even a dog! Oh, gods! What is that thing!? It’s really mauling Thorg!

We all run into the eerie silence to attack the thing that is really just parts of other dogs, and it is not fun. Alger distracts the not-dog from Thorg. This was a poor choice. Alger is crushed by the thing and I’m sure he’s dead. Olegg saves everyone from dying, and now we’re just trying to get through its hide and hurt it. Olegg tricks it onto his shield for a second and I put it down with my shortsword in the back. We start to hear ourselves breathing hard as the silence lifts.

I investigate again, and we want to avoid some of the main doors, and instead enter through the loading dock up above. So, I climb up there and scout.

I find a bunch of crates, and then peek out to see the large factory floor. The others come up, and we raid some crates for stuff. Then I go check out the rooms off the upper catwalk area, and find who we think is Grine in his room. He doesn’t notice me. The other room up here is likely Vorstag’s room, but it’s empty.

Down below, there are mongrelmen tending to these huge vats of who-knows-what, and it stinks. We don’t want to fight the poor mongrelmen, but we want to confront Grine. We decide to toss a thunderstone down to the floor below, and then grab Grine as he passes by our hiding space to investigate.

I gently toss the thing down to the factory floor below, and leap back behind our door.




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