Dylan's Carrion Crown

Session 009

Herstag, Trial day 2, and the Sanctuary

We face off against Father Swarm and a tough battle ensues. But with Alger chasing the creature through the corn like a maniac, we run him to ground and destroy him.

Then it’s a matter of clues to prove the Beast innocent. First there is the issue of the wraithy-ness of the children. That could only be done by a wraith, not whatever it is the Beast is.
Then there are the bones, and Olegg brings some back to use magic to talk to them, and to give them a proper burial.

At the Trial, things seem to go better for Olegg, and I even say a few words. But the people are kind of worked up, and Alger has to have some stern words with the captain of the guard because the Beast might just be lynched before the night is over.

But we’ve got to go off to the Sanctuary and find out how the Beast is being blamed for the fire there.

We interrogate a former servant there, and he says he saw the Beast in the fire and just assumed that the Beast started it.

We then investigate the Sancturary and ambush some ghasts that had infested the place. Once done with them, we find a bunch of skulls and some more information pointing to a chemist.

Now we have to run back to Lepidstadt to find out about this chemist person (or persons). And get ready for the final day of the Trial. And he inevitable lynching.



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