Dylan's Carrion Crown

Session 008

More on the Beast

We arrive in the courthouse to find a throng of people getting all worked up about the Beast.

We should have countered the arguments successfully, but Olegg got all choked up. I hope he does better.

We catch a few winks but then have to head out to the next town, Hergstag. This is an abandoned village, except for the creepy-kid-wraith spawn all about. There are also bear traps, but once Thorg finds one, I’m able to spot the rest.

Belor manages to control one of the wraith spawn, and it tells us that the real trouble is a big wraith called Father Swarm. It seems that the Beast couldn’t have killed these children if they all became wraiths.

So, we go looking for Father Wraith. The good news is that we find him. The bad news is that he’s coming right for us!



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